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Spring Clover Honey

This very light and sweet pure natural clover honey from the large fields located in Sullivan and Delaware counties NY are filled with tons of sweet and succulent white clovers that bloom in the late spring and seed into the summer. Clover honey has a sweet, flowery flavor and a pleasing mild taste which is delectable to the palate.  It's aromatic nectar taken from the white clover is great as a quick energy boost, or as a condiment.Clover honey is also a delicious honey great for baking (mostly used for desserts), teas, and spreads.

Golden Rod Honey

Super Raw GOLDEN ROD, Golden Rod is an amazing sweet and creamy honey known for its medicinal properties for pollen related allergies. I call this super raw beacause i leave all the pollen propolis and also some chopped up pieces of honeycomb whipped into the jar.!!!! Recommended by many for its sweet and spicy and aromatic like taste. Mostly used for colds, sore throat relief and stomach digestion.Spreading with cheese and baguettes and mixing with tea is best . Adding to tea is perfect anytime

Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat honey is dark in color of most honey categories and has a sweet but bold flavor filled with tons of nutrients and antioxidants This delectable honey, rich in nutrients and especially iron it is an acquired taste, though it is bold it is just sweet enough to satisfy. . This honey is harvested from the Delaware and Otsego county lines , growing wild on the hills of Oneonta NY. this only grows for a short season so my supplies are limited. buckwheat honey is used with tea to heal a sore throat, as a first aid in wound care, and it is said to have anti inflammatory and anti scarring properties, so it's not only yummy, it's good for you. Highly recommended by many doctors like Dr Oz.

Fall Wildflower Honey

Fall Wildflower honey is a mid Amber and mid flavored , sweet and pure natural honey harvested from the pollen and nectars of all flowers, vegetables and and fruit trees in the entire Sullivan County NY. This is a great source of relief for local allergy sufferers as it contains the nectars of many local allergan producing plants and trees . Its mild and smooth taste is rich and delicious . Great for cooking and baking. Mix in teas.


Bee propolis, with it's antimicrobial, antioxidative, anti-ulcer and anti-tumor properties, has been in use medicinally by humans since ancient times.


At approximately 40% protein Bee Pollen is considered one of nature's most rounded and nourishing foods. It contains nearly all nutrients required by humans. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids which are readily used by the body. Such highly assimilable protein can contribute significantly to one's daily protein needs.

New York State Pure Maple Syrup

Experience the golden goodness of Pure New York State Maple Syrup - a sweet treat only nature can provide.

Afternoon Tea Gift Basket

Includes: 5 lb (our choice) delicious raw pure natural honey, 1 tea cup, 1 DISH CLOTH / AND 1 FINGER TIP TOWEL, 1 package delicious tea crackers. For that special someone who enjoys afternoon tea time this gift is a must!!! Packed with delicious honey & crackers, tea cup included, who wouldn't love this? A gift that will be remembered and enjoyed by any honey lover.

The "Metro" Gift Basket

Includes: 2 lb honey our choice of any variety honey: (apple blossom, buckwheat, clover, golden rod, wildflower,) 1 box herbal tea, 1 tea cup and saucer. This beautifully put together gift box is for that Metro person who enjoys honey with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Sweet Treats and Honey Basket

Includes: 1 lb honey, our choice, tea cup maple cookies, 2 hand dipped chocolate covered pretzels, 2 honey straws, 2 Handmade chocolates with honey center. This is for that sweet one in your life! Delicious honey and hand made chocolate - what a scrumptious pair!!!

Go Green Yummy Honey Sampler

Go Green Yummy Honey Sampler Includes: 1 LB honey (our choice,) GREEN TEA yummy shortbread cookies, 2 apple honey sticks, 2 clover honey sticks, 2 peppermint honey sticks, for that someone you're thinking of who just can't do without Honey & Tea! Our Yummy Sampler has all the right goodies to have a Tea Party complete with tasty Honey Samples.
Just Raw Honey
brought to you with love from the folks at
The Apple State Hilltop Family Farm
in Callicoon, New York

Apple State Hilltop Family Farm

Callicoon, NY

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